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    中山市啟邦金屬制品有限公司是一家專業的封頭制造廠家,位于中山市三角鎮中心,廠房占地面積3500平方米,離G4W高速2公里,距中山港碼頭僅8公里,交通運輸便利。 ?公司由從事封頭生產加工十幾年的技術人員8名及工程師5名組成專業的團隊核心。 ?

    公司擁有大型冷旋壓機組設備一套,300噸、500噸、800噸沖壓機組設備各一套??杉庸ぶ谱髦睆涧?7~4800mm各種類型(橢圓、碟形、平底、錐形、球冠形、半球、非標等)的不銹鋼、碳鋼及其它金屬材質封頭。產品廣泛應用于化工、電站、食品、制藥、石化、造船、環保等行業。 ?

    面對激烈的市場競爭,本公司始終以保證卓越品質、以用戶滿意為目標,以誠信為根本原則。 ?


    Zhongshan Key-Bond Metal Products Co.,Ltd is a professional seal head manufacturer, located at the Shanjiao town in Zhongshan, the plant covers an area of 3500 square meters, distance G4W high-speed 2 kilometers, 8 kilometers away from Zhongshan port, the traffic transportation is convenience. ?

    We have 8 professional technical personal and 5 engineers,Whom are all with high skills in have than 10 years experience in this industry.

    The company has a diameter of 4800mm cold spinning unit equipment, a set of 300 tons, 500 tons, 800 tons of punch units of a set of equipment, Which can manufacture various types of stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials (ellipses, saucer shaped, flat,tapered, spherical, hemispherical, non-standard) and diameter(Ф57~4800mm) seal head. Products are widely used in chemical, power plants, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, shipbuilding, environmental protection and other industrial equipment. ?

    In the fierce market competition, the company has always been to ensure excellent quality, customer satisfaction as the goal, in good faith as the fundamental principle. ?

    Our quality from our efforts, the company to high-quality products, preferential price,satisfactory service, We are sincerely waiting for your coming. ?